About Us

Buck Valley Christian Church has an almost 150 year history of proclaiming Gods Word and ministering to the people of Fulton County, Pennsylvania. The church was organized in the year 1850 by the Reverands’ John Smith and James Pennel with a membership of 20 men and women, with the building and property acquired and dedicated in 1871. Since its beginnings, the church has held several different denominational affiliations, including the Congregational Christian Church and the United Church of Christ. Currently the church ministers to around 100 individuals each Sunday and retains its independent, Bible-believing character, through its affiliation with the Southern Baptist Convention.

Our desire is to be a home for spiritually destitute people. We envision a place where people can begin and build a deep relationship with Jesus Christ and with fellow believers, where people do life together in genuine community, and where people grow spiritually in an atmosphere where the grace of God is highly celebrated.

Our desire is to be a church where real problems are solved and real needs are met as people are drawn closer to God, where people recover from hurts and habits that prevent them from enjoying meaningful relationships with God and each other.

Our desire is to be a church where God’s Word is honored as the highest authority on earth and as the source of real and abundant life.

Our desire is to be a church where people serve one another according to the way that God has shaped them and where spiritual gifts, passion, talents, and experiences are a part of how we meet the needs of others inside and outside of our church family.

Our desire is to be a church that matters to its community and one that makes a visible, noticeable, and tangible difference on behalf of Christ in the real problems that exist.

Our desire is to be a church that celebrates changed lives, that cultivates an atmosphere of freedom to grow and serve, and that empowers people with the confidence to do so.